TouchCon platform technology development scope


1. Concept

It is a system that creates ‘Rewardcon’ contents by randomly encoding digital assets (ERC-20) including TOC into QR codes, and supports rewards and accumulation through user scans. It has the meaning of supporting all financial transactions such as transactions.

2. Software Architecture

A solution to create, issue, transmit, and manage Rewardcon Data Codes, including, Scan Rewardcon QR codes, and TouchCon Mobile App for random rewards and accumulation, AD Framework that can expose advertisements to unspecified users, and Ethereum It consists of an API HUB to communicate with the wallet.

From the first stage of TouchCon, the systematic development roadmap will be refined, and the TouchCon mainnet will be launched early.

TouchCon is a digital asset reward marketing platform and aims to provide services that support the expansion of the airdrop ecosystem. The ultimate goal is to enable free payment and exchange of future digital asset …

The TouchCon project is gathering energy in Korea.

TouchCon is a reward alternative platform that randomly rewards digital currency. Touch Contoy was established on August 30, 2021 for systematic and effective development ahead of the beta version launch at the end of 2021.

TouchCon Toy was established to create a sensation in the Korean market with the early service of TouchCon based on close cooperation with Toy Interactive, an existing TouchCon advertising and marketing consignment developer.

Reward Toy, which will lead the development of TouchCon in the future, will be a measure of guaranteeing the success of TouchCon service in…

Articles related to TouchCon 24. 08. 2021

TouchCon Siap Diperluas ke Platform B2B Perusahaan dengan Konten ‘RewardCon’

TouchCon Dapat Digunakan Sebagai Kupon Pesan Hadiah Seluler Di mana Merek dan Gambar Iklan Perusahaan Dimasukkan. — Konten ‘RewardCon’ milik TouchCon siap diperluas ke Platform B2B. Berbeda dengan Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple atau mata uang digital lainnya, TouchCon menjadi salah satu mata uang digital yang dikodekan dalam bentuk kode QR.

Setelah mengkodekan mata uang digital secara acak dalam kode QR, TouchCon juga dapat digunakan sebagai kupon pesan hadiah seluler di mana merek dan gambar iklan perusahaan dimasukkan.

Platform TouchCon akan bekerja sebagai konten…

Expanded to corporate B2B platform with TouchCon 'RewardCon' contents.

After randomly encoding digital currency in the QR code,
As a mobile reward message coupon in which the company’s brand and advertising image are entered,
It will work on the TouchCon platform as mobile content that can be used for customer rewards (points, corporate gift cards, rewards app rewards, etc.) and events and promotions.

Players (customers and participants) are rewarded with various digital currencies at random through QR code scanning after obtaining reward cones.

The maximum number of random rewards is 300,000 for TOC (touch tokens), and there is no…

Expectation of TouchCon development partner Toy Interactive

As TouchCon announced Platform 2.0 and started development, Toy Interactive, newly recruited as a digital marketing developer, is attracting attention from the industry as a digital marketing developer established in 2007 in Korea.

CEO Soyeon Park, who served as the CEO of Zena Planners Inc …

The first country to launch the TouchCon platform is Korea, scheduled to be implemented within this year, press release

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A media article related to TouchCon, which claims to be a reward marketing platform, was introduced in the Korean press. The following are some of the articles introduced in the press.

“TouchCon Rewards Beta Service to be launched in December for the first time in the Korean market”

[Business Korea = Reporter Jeong Min-hee] TouchCon, which operates a mobile blockchain-based reward platform, has confirmed the launch of the reward platform 2.0 beta service, which is the most optimized for…

We will be implementing the TouchCon service for the first time in Korea.

Companies that develop and perform TouchCon reward marketing ToyInteractive, a Korean digital marketing company, is in charge.

They were established in 2007 and have very good capabilities. It has 223 clients, including global conglomerates, so far. They are done with the

From August 1, 2021, TouchCon platform version 1.3 will start. We will lead the innovation reward platform by improving the development team and content functions.

TouchCon platform version 1.3 is fully operational. From August 1, 2021, TouchCon has researched platform expansion through content function improvement, and has recruited talented developers and advisors with the departure of version 1.3.

The platform development, which is carried out in the first stage of the TouchCon project, will be developed with the goal of service in November 2021. The technical team of ‘GRAVTERA’, a Korean platform developer, will join the development.

The launch of TouchCon Rewardcon in 2021 will be the first service in Korea.

The TouchCon team started securing partners and expanding alliances ahead of the full-scale service launch at the end of 2021.
The first country to implement in Asia is Korea, an IT powerhouse.
Korea is a very powerful digital powerhouse that can pilot mobile-related marketing.
After we conducted the TouchCon pilot service in Korea,
We plan to expand our service throughout Asia.

TouchCon Reward Platform

TouchCon is a blockchain-based reward platform that solves the problems of existing reward and builds RewardCon marketing where user and companies can win-win.

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