(Notice) 2024 Cash Boom TOC Token Burning Information

Cash Boom
Feb 5, 2024


A token burn that is not beneficial to the TOC Tokenomics ecosystem is in progress.

Dear users

As already announced, token burning will be carried out as follows to ensure fairness and trust in TOC tokenomics.

1. Coin scheduled to be burned: TOC
2. Incineration amount: 100,000,000 TOC
3. Burning method: Smart contract code burning
4. Incineration date: 2024.02.05 ~ 02.10
5. Quantity of remaining compensation TOC after incineration: 20,000,000 TOC

This token burning will not only reduce the deflationary effect of TOC, but ultimately It will contribute to the increase in the value of TOC tokens and the development of the Cashboom ecosystem.

Thank you

Cash Boom Team



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