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WORLD BIZ 2022.03.21

[World Biz = Reporter Park Hye-sun]

Reward Toy (CEO Park So-yeon) announced on the 18th that TouchCon, a digital asset reward platform, has started to build an ecosystem in earnest through blockchain-based C2E (Consumer to Earn) service.

Although most game companies reward only those who participate in the game through P2E and NFT (non-fungible token) services, consumers can use C2E services with points (miles or gifts such as gift cards) paid in return for product purchase or service use. The company said that it has prepared a C2E solution so that it can receive more active and realistic rewards.

According to the company, all rewards are paid as digital virtual assets in the C2E service, so people around the world can freely use or transmit it, but the existing points and mileage have an expiration date, restrictions on where they can be used, and non-refundable balance. can solve TouchCon has overcome this problem and introduced C2E service so that rewarded consumers can use it freely, the company said.

Currently, many small businesses are participating in the TouchCon C2E service, as well as Kaorion Cosmetics and Andong family franchises. The explanation of TouchCon is that it is receiving such a favorable response that a reward source is provided to them.

A TouchCon official said, “We plan to secure users through protruding marketing through various events and promotions, and in fact, the number of active users of the app is on the rise.”

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