(Notice) TOC Token Burn

A token burn that is not beneficial to the TOC Tokenomics ecosystem is in progress.

Dear users,

We are all set for the Cash Boom upgrade swap and global rewards integration. As already announced, we plan to incinerate TOC quantities that are not valid for the TOC Tokenomics ecosystem as follows.

To ensure fairness and trust in Tokenomics by incinerating all undistributed TOC tokens, Cash Boom proceeds with token incineration as follows.

1. Coins to be burned: TOC
2. Amount burned: 32,358,000 TOC
3. Burn Method: Burn Smart Contract Code
4. Incineration date: 2022. 11. 29~ 11. 30

Cash Boom will make further efforts to improve its value as a utility token with transparent and reliable tokenomics.

Through this token burn, we expect not only the deflation effect of TOC, but also the return of profits to users by ultimately increasing the value of TOC.

Thank you.

Cash Boom Team

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