Cash Boom New Year Big Event Information

Cash boom is holding a big event in the new year.

Please refer to the below and encourage many people to participate.

Cash Boom New Year Big Event Information

1. Title: New Cash Boom App Install Event

2. Details: Users who have installed the 2023 New Year Cash Boom app and registered as members

3. Reward: <Reward Con> 1 MVP, minimum 100TOC ~ maximum 30,000TOC random reward

4. Period: 2023.01.05 ~ 2023.01.31

5. Compensation payment date: 2023.02.05 lump sum payment

6. Other notes

- Payment will be made only to users who have installed the app in 2023 and completed membership registration.

- Existing members, please note that if you rejoin after withdrawal, all existing compensation will be lost.

- New registration with a new email is also accepted.

- Reward <Reward Con> will be sent to the mobile number entered during membership registration.

Thank you

Cash Boom Team

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